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An Uncontrollable Story - Comedy
When Samantha sets out to write a modern story about Joseph and his coat of colors, she gets a shock when her characters revolt.
Themes: Joseph and his coat of many colors (loosely); computer technology; character revolt; things aren't always what they seem
Characters: 15 Length: 45-60 minutes
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Harvest Themes
(4 Skits) 
Seeds of the HarvestSeeds who won't wait to be planted properly
Harvest MooPlants and animals argue over their importance
A Harvest TaleReaping what you sow
The HarvestMuch work to be done but few workers
Pastor Appreciation
(3 Skits) 
Jack of All TradesA seminary student job shadows a pastor for a day
Search CommitteeOld Testament folks search for a new pastor
I've Got a SecretAll the things pastors do
(5 Skits) 
Deception at my DoorA group of evil spirits invade a woman's home
Garbage In, Garbage OutWhat goes in your mind comes out in your actions
The Devil Ain't Happy with this HalloweenUsing Halloween for God
Trick or TreatFinding alternatives to Halloween
Fear Pays A VisitHow fear invades & destroys our lives
Thanksgiving/ Blessings
(12 Skits) 
Enter Into His GatesA fun take on thankfulness and Psalm 100
Ingratitude SyndromeA man is diagnosed with negativity and ingratitude
Glory RocksSeveral kids sit around complaining
Thanksgiving StuffingBeing hungry for God's word
Thanksgiving PoliceBeing thankful in all things big or small
A Thankful Heart WishA girl learns to be thankful
Doubly BlessedGiving and receiving blessings
Fill My CupBlessings from God
A Grateful HeartDeveloping an attitude of thankfulness
Hark on the ArkThankfulness on the ark
Showers of BlessingsBlessings from God are misinterpreted
Way Down in my HeartTrue joy
(17 Skits) 
Reporting from BethlehemA reporter tries to get the scoop on baby Jesus
A Modern Day BirthWhat if Jesus had been born in today's world?
The Christmas AdditionTraditions clash when old decor meets the nativity
Operation GrinchTeens learn Christmas isn't just about presents
The Ginger Man's ChristmasA gingerbread man comes to life & spreads cheer.
Gathering of AngelsAngels need to tell humans about Jesus birth
If There Was No JesusWhat if Jesus was never born
Love is the Greatest GiftHoliday characters learn why love is the best gift
Room with a ViewJesus birth from the animal's perspective
A Manger SceneThe traditional story told with a bit of humor
The Greatest Gift of AllThe real reason for Christmas
The Popularity ContestIs there room for Santa and Jesus?
Christ in ChristmasActivities done in the spirit of Christmas
Hark on the ArkThankfulness on the ark
Shine OnJesus Light Shining in us
I'm So BlueBeing special in God's eyes
Traditional ValuesCompromise and uniting as one