Chain Reaction Set-Drama Set

Chain Reaction Set-Drama Set

Themes: The difference Jesus makes in your life; causing positive chain reactions in response to Jesus; when we come into contact with Jesus, positive things begin to happen in our life
Categories: Children 

Simmy, a young angel, is being promoted from the office to the esteemed position of guardian angel, but before she earns her "wings" she must observe humans in a variety of situations.  In each situation, a number of chain reactions will take place--those things in life that happen once we come into contact with Jesus and things that can no longer stay the same because of the difference Jesus makes in one's life.  Once she understands how the chain reactions work, Simmy is in for a few chain reactions of her own. 

Part 1:  New Reaction--A New Name


1. Simmy:  A young angel
2. Gabriel: The head angel
3. Skull: A rich, young rock musician who wants to change his image
4. Barnes: Skull's manager (gender neutral)

Skull is a hard rocker known for his wild ways.  His appearance is akin to "death on a stick." But now that Jesus has come into his life, Skull wants everything in his life to reflect it, including his appearance.  So he enlists the help of his manager, Barnes.  Barnes doesn't quite get it though and suggests several "gimmicks" he thinks will appeal to an audience.  Among the crazy suggestions is a cowboy that rides through the west on the thunder of Jesus; a cheerleader for Jesus who spreads God's message one cheer at a time; and a grumpy Gramps who sings the blues and hits people with his cane if they won't listen to his message.  But Skull has other ideas, and decides maybe it's time to get back to the real person he once was before he became a huge rock star.  

Part 2:  Praise Reaction--The Rocks Cry Out  


1. Simmy:  A young angel
2. Gabriel: The head angel
3. John: A young church musician
4. Tom: A young church musician
5.  Rocks: (3 of them): 3 rocks who come to life because people are "ashamed" to talk about Jesus
6. Joe:  A young church musician who is not ashamed to talk about Jesus

 Teens John and Tom need a substitute guitar player for their church band.  They've found the perfect person, except they are too ashamed to ask him.  Says Tom, "I don't want Joe to think I'm a religious freak!" Thus, the surrounding rocks begin to speak out, laying claim to Jesus words that if God's people are silent, even the rocks will cry out.  At first, John and Tom think the talking rocks are cool, but when they find out they were the cause, and the reasons the rocks have come to life, they begin to rethink their original position. 

Part 3:  Teach Reaction--A Pirate's Treasure  


1. Simmy:  A young angel
2. Gabriel: The head angel
3. Grunt: A pirate
4. Captain Jack: A pirate
5.  Indiana Jones: An archaelogist
6. Pam:  A young woman

Captain Jack and his sidekick, Grunt have found a treasure map, promising to lead them to riches and hidden treasures, but only if they can crack the secret code.  They have great difficulty until Indiana Jones appears and promises to save the day.  However, when the map leads them in an unexpected direction, Captain Jack is ready to draw his sword in protest.  He learns the "treasure" is really God's word, and it leads him to churchl. Will Jack find the kind of treasure he seeks or will he learn "all that glitters is not gold"? 

Part 4:  Serve Reaction--A Camping We Will Go  


1. Simmy:  A young angel
2. Gabriel: The head angel
3. Brad: A boy
4. Super Dude: A superhero who means well but doesn't always hit the mark

Brad's little brother Jimmy was supposed to go on a camping trip with some of the boys from his Sunday school class.  He was really looking forward to it, but then his best friend, Craig, got chicken pox and now Craig won’t be able to go. Now Jimmy wants Brad to go with him but Brad isn't sure if he should go or not, so he enlists the help of the local superhero, Super Dude, who doesn't always give the best advice, although he means well.  He brings up issues like bugs and snakes, bears and uncomfortable sleeping conditions.  In the end, Brad has to decide to listen to his heart or to the advice of Super Dude.

Part 5:  Surrender Reaction--Fight or Flight  


1. Simmy:  A young angel
2. Gabriel: The head angel
3. Sam: A boy
3. Bart: A bully
4. Super Dude: A superhero who means well but doesn't always hit the mark

When Sam is caught by the local bully praying at school, he is nearly shaking in his boots since Bart threatens to beat Sam until he's black and blue.  But when Bart is called to leave Sam gets a reprieve and some time to figure things out, but he only has the weekend: come Monday Bart will be waiting for him. Once again, Super Dude, the local superhero shows up to give his best advice, including "buy a wig, get some glasses, put something in your shoes to make you taller.  Grow a mustache and beard.  You’ll look completely different and this Bart character won’t even recognize you.  If he doesn’t know it’s you, he can’t beat you up."  Convinced there must be another way, Sam calls upon Jesus, who as always, has the best advice.


This is a series of 5 skits. Some pre-existing skits have been altered and additions have been made in order to accommodate an overall theme.  

This series was originally written for a summer camp program with the theme of "Chain Reaction."

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 18 (12 Male, 2 Female, 4 Neutral)
Since the range of characters vary from day to day many of these parts can be played by the same people. The only constants from day to day are Simmy and Gabriel.
Length: 5-10 minutes
No in set: 5
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  Heaven.  A young angel is called to one of the head angels, Gabriel, for training.  Both Simmy and Gabriel should be dressed in all white to resemble angels.  Gabriel should have wings, but Simmy does not.  Simmy’s hair should be in pigtails—she should wear these throughout the skits—it will be important in the last script) Gabriel has a clipboard in his hand. 

Gabriel:            (enters looks around then calls off stage) Simmy!  Simmy!  (continues to look around) Where is that girl?  Simmy, are you here?

 Simmy:            (runs in, very excited) I’m here, Gabriel!  Am I late?

 Gabriel:            (looks at his watch) Not yet, but I almost had to wait.  I cannot over- emphasize the importance of being on time, Simmy.  A guardian angel should never, ever be late.  It could mean the difference between life or death.  Do you understand?

 Simmy:            I understand, Sir.  From now on, not only will I be on time but I’ll arrive early.  (obviously very excited, begins to talk fast & babble)

                       So, where do we start?  I’m so excited.  I’ve been behind that desk for over 300 years now doing all the paperwork.  Processing this, filing that, making phone calls, logging good deeds…I mean, don’t get me wrong I love my job but it will feel good to be out where all the action is.  I haven’t had human contact in so long. Well, never actually--I’ve always been an angel…but you knew that because you’re the head angel, so you would know these things…

 Gabriel:            (interrupting her) Simmy!  You’re babbling.

 Simmy:            Sorry, Sir.  I babble when I’m excited.  I just want to thank you again for this opportunity. 

 Gabriel:            Being a guardian angel is quite a responsibility, Simmy.  It will be a lot different from your job in the office. 

 Simmy:            I know that, Sir, and I appreciate the promotion.  I won’t let you down.

 Gabriel:            Well then, let’s begin, shall we?

 Simmy:            When do I get to meet my human?  (gasps, hopeful) Is it a celebrity?  I’ve heard a lot about celebrities on earth, Sir. They seem to be very important people.   

Gabriel:            All God’s children are important people, Simmy.

Simmy:            You’re right.  I’m sorry, Sir.  (worried) This won’t affect my new status will it, Sir?  (moaning) It’s my first day on the job and I’ve blown it already, haven’t I, Sir?  (begging) Please don’t send me back to the office!  I’ll do better, I promise! 

Gabriel:            Calm down, Simmy.  You haven’t blown anything…yet

 Simmy:            (obviously relieved) Thank you, Sir.

 Gabriel:            And you don’t have to keep calling me ‘Sir’.”

 Simmy:            (hopeful) Can I call you Gabe?

 Gabriel:            No.

 Simmy:            Oky-doky.  So, where do we start?  Rescue operations? Human impersonations?

 Gabriel:            Chain Reactions. 

 Shimmy:          (confused) I’m not familiar with that one.

 Gabriel:            That’s why we’re starting there. 

 Simmy:            Oh.  What is a chain reaction?

 Gabriel:            You see, Simmy, when Jesus comes in contact with a human, things begin to change in their life.   Their old way of living begins to disappear and a new way of life appears.  Sometimes the process happens right away and sometimes it happens slowly over a long period of time.  But either way, change will come.

 Simmy:            But what do you mean by chain reaction?

 Gabriel:            It’s one event that affects another. 

 Simmy:            Oh, I get it.  It’s like when you stack dominos side by side: if one falls, it causes the one next to it to fall and the next one to it and so on.  

 Gabriel:            Exactly. This week we’re going to be studying different kinds of chain reactions in the lives of humans. 

 Simmy:            Cool.  Who’s first?

 Gabriel:            Blood Sucking Death Skull.

 Simmy:            (shocked) Who

 Gabriel:            Blood Sucking Death Skull.

 Simmy:            What kind of Christian name is that?

 Gabriel:            That’s the point.

 Simmy:            What’s the point?

 Gabriel:            Shhh.  Just watch. Here he comes. (he takes her by the arm and gently leads her to the side of the stage)

 A young guy, Blood Sucking Death Skull, enters.  (called Skull for short) Skull
should be dressed in all black, with chains, leather jacket, wild hair, dark fingernail polish etc. He should look the part of a heavy-metal hard rocker.  Think bands like Kiss, Aerosmith etc.  Skull’s manager, Barns, enters behind him.  Barns is a gender neutral character and should be dressed in a business like manner.

                        As Barns enters he/she carries a box filled with various items.  Inside the box should be props for various “costumes”: items for a cowboy (cowboy hat, flannel shirt, boots, maybe a stick horse), a cheerleader (girls wig, sweater, skirt, pom-poms), and an old man (gray wig, button-up sweater, cane, glasses.  However simple or elaborate you get is up to you.

 Barnes:           I’ve been thinking about what you said the other day Skull, and I think I’ve come up with a few options for you. 

 Skull:               I can’t wait to see ‘em. 

 Barnes:           Skull, are you really sure you want to do this? 

Skull:               I’m sure.

 Barnes:           But you’ve had so much success being who you are.  As you know, there’s a lot of money in hard rock alternative music.  People identify with you. Are you sure you want to give up your entire image?

 Skull:               That’s exactly what I want! 

Barnes:           But why? 

 Skull:               I’ve told you Barnes, this isn’t who I am anymore.  Blood Sucking Death Skull is the old me.  I think it’s time for people to meet the new me: a Jesus follower. 

Barnes:           Can’t you follow Jesus and still stay the same?

 Skull:              No.  Once Jesus comes into your life, you can never be the same.  That’s why I want a whole new look and a new name.