Eye of the Storm-Drama Set

Eye of the Storm-Drama Set

Themes: Weathering the storms of life, God's protection during difficult times
Categories: Youth, Children, Life Situations, Topical, Christian Living 

A small group of teens have been looking forward to a camping trip but now that the trip has arrived, the group is in for some stormy weather, in more ways than one.  

Part 1:  Casey wishes her mom would stop treating her like a child and quit embarrassing her in front of her potential beau, the hunky Dillon. Max wishes Dillon were out of the picture completely so he could have Casey all to himself.  Casey's dad wishes she wouldn't even mention the word "date" and the weather, well a huge storm is coming!  

Part 2:  Casey and Dillon foolishly go for a walk in the storm and become trapped in a "flash flood" area.  Casey's parents and friends can only hope and pray that they are okay, but when Dillon comes back without Casey, the real panic begins!

Part 3:  In the aftermath of the storm, the damage done was monumental.  The tents have been destroyed, and the camping items are strewn throughout the campground.  But there's still no sign of Casey.  The rescue team is finally ready to begin their search when Casey suddenly appears.  She apologizes for her behavior and tells quite an amazing story of how she was rescued.  It seems there is a happy ending for all, as Casey recounts how God took care of her during her time of need.


This is a series of 3 skits.  The skits build upon each other, and can be used either as one long skit or as 3 separate short skits.  If done as one long skit the length is about 15 minutes.  Done separately, each skit runs about 5 minutes each.  Due to the nature of the skits, they cannot be sold separately.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
No in set: 3
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A campsite.  

Casey and Lori (two teenage girls) enter with backpacks and sleeping bags, pillows and other similar camping gear.  Casey is visibly angry and upset as she enters. 

Casey:             Oh!  Can you believe my mother? 

Lori:                 (trying to comfort her) Calm down, Casey.  It wasn't that bad. 

Casey:             It wasn't that bad?  (incredulous) It wasn't that bad!  Are you kidding me?  Did you see what she did? 

Lori:                 Maybe nobody noticed. 

Casey:             Of course they noticed!  (getting hysterical) How could they not notice!  The woman spit into a Kleenex and then wiped a piece of dirt off my cheek.  (angry) What am I, 5 years old? (cringing) And right in front of Dillon too!  

Lori:                 I don't think he saw anything.  

Casey:             (hopeful) You don't? 

Lori:                 No.  He was looking at the side mirror, combing his hair.  

Casey:             (relieved, folding her hands in prayer, looking upward) Thank you, God! 

Lori:                 But I think Max did. 

Casey:             (brushing off the comment) Oh, I don't care about Max. 

Lori:                 Casey! 

Casey:             I just meant Max is more of a friend that's all. 

Lori:                 A friend who's been in love with you since the 3rd grade! 

Casey:             (smiles) And who can blame him?  (in fun) I am after all, me

Both girls laugh 

Casey:             So, you're sure Dillon didn't see? 

Lori:                 Not unless he has eyes in the back of his head. 

Casey:             (sighs) He's got gorgeous eyes! 

Lori:                 Do you think he'll ask you to the Spring Fling?

Casey:             I thought he might this weekend but with my parents hanging around I'm not sure.  (getting upset again) Why did they have to volunteer to be chaperones for this trip? 

Lori:                 Because if they didn't we wouldn't even be here.  

Casey:             But how am I supposed to get any alone time with Dillon with my mom looking over my shoulder every second? 

Lori:                 This camping trip isn't about just you and Dillon, remember?  It's supposed to be a fun reward for our hard work with the Community Kids program. 

Casey:             You're right, I know.  It's just that my mom and I have been clashing a lot lately and I don't need a babysitter while I'm trying to get to know Dillon better.  Plus, my dad freaks out every time I even mention the word 'date..   He starts clearing his throat real loud and stuttering. 

Lori:                 He's just trying to look out for you.  So, you've got parents who love you.  It's not a tragedy.  You should be thankful. 

Casey:             I'd be more thankful if they weren't on this trip.  

Lori:                 Come on, we're going to have a great time.  We've been looking forward to this all month.  (teasing a bit) Now, turn that frown upside down! 

Casey:             (laughs) You are so corny!  

Lori:                 Yeah, but I'm your best friend so you're stuck with me.  Now smile, here comes Dillon. 

Casey smiles wide, as Dillon and Max enter with their camping gear 

Dillon:              (speaks to both girls but looks mainly at Casey) I see you ladies made it to Camp Winnetonka. 

Max:                 Of course they made it, Dillon.  We were all riding in the same van, remember? 

Dillon:              I know that Max.   I meant they made it (points to the ground) here.   

Max:                 (sarcastic) Yeah, because it was such a long walk from right over there. (points to the side) 

Dillon:              (sweetly, to Casey) If I would have known you were headed this way I would have carried your suitcase for you. 

Lori:                 It's pretty heavy. That's why she has wheels on it. 

Dillon:              (ignoring her, speaking directly to Casey) Heavy doesn't bother me.  I've been working out.  See? (he flexes his muscles to show her)

Casey:             (obviously impressed) Oh my! 

Max:                 (rolls his eyes) Oh brother! 

Dillon:              I spend an hour a day at the gym lifting weights.  (lifts his arms over his head to mimic weight lifting) 

Casey:             It's obviously paying off.  

Dillon:              (shakes his head in agreement, arrogantly) I know.  

Max:                 Is there a point to this? 

(Casey and Dillon continue to ignore Max) 

Dillon:              Listen, Casey there's been something I've wanted to talk to you about.  

Casey:             (hopeful) What is it? 

Dillon:              Let's talk over there. In private.  

Casey:             Okay. 

Dillon takes Casey's arm and pulls her over to the side of the stage.  They converse quietly as the others continue on stage 

Lori:                 I think Dillon is going to ask Casey to the Spring Fling

Max:                 (shakes his head) What does she see in that guy? 

Lori:                 You mean, besides the obvious? 

Max:                 But he's not right for her.  He's a few eggs short of a dozen, if you know what I mean. 

Lori:                 (trying to comfort him) Give it some time.  Maybe she'll come around.  

Max:                 Maybe. 

Lori:                 (getting a chill) Hey, is it just me or does it feel a little chilly out here? 

Max:                 I think the temperature is dropping.  (looking up) It looks like rain.

(Dad enters) 

Dad:                Hey everybody, we better get a move on if we're going to get those tents up before the rain hits.  I heard on the radio we could be in for quite a storm.  (noticing Dillon and Casey talking) What's that all about? 

Lori:                 I think Dillon is asking Casey to the Spring Fling

Dad:                (becoming visibly uncomfortable, starts stuttering, he should really emphasize the 's. & .f. sounds)  You mean like on a.on a'ddddddate?  The Sssssspring Ffffffffling?

Lori:                 Yes. 

Dad begins clearing his throat loudly, over and over 

Max:                 You okay, Mr. C.? 

Dad:                Not rrrrreally, nnnnnno.  (he bends over and puts his head in between his legs, while continuing to clear his throat loudly)